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4 Moms Open House Video Tour

Friday, August 6, 2010

Video Tour - Part 1


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Thursday, August 5, 2010


We're moving!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We're moving! No, not to my elusive Amish farmhouse in Kentucky but just the same, we're relocating our blog from Blogger onto greener, more Lady Why friendly pastures. Let's call it the cyber-version of an Amish farmhouse in the Kentucky hills.

Hop over to our new home for Where The Kudzu Grows and look around! Consider this your invitation to our housewarming party!

And, you can thank dear Flibby for my new look. She is my resident blog designer, creative mastermind and computer programming guru. I'd be lost without her!

Revisiting courtship

Monday, June 7, 2010

I have written on this topic before so nothing I say will be particularly new. But, this past weekend when we ventured up to North Carolina to participate in Scott Brown's Memorial Day picnic, we had the benefit of witnessing some of the fruit of courtship. Nothing encourages quite like seeing those who are a little farther down the path and to witness the good fruit of your convictions vicariously. What a blessing it was!

Since I first talked about our convictions and decisions, my daughters have grown older. I now have one daughter of marrying age and one very close. Unlike today's culture, I do not encourage my daughters to delay marriage. I pray that the Lord will send them the husband of His choosing in good time so that they may enjoy marriage and children from an early age. I was married at 21 and I have always found that to be a great gift of the Lord.

We have one camp of relatives and friends that are telling my girls to wait. Don't get 'strapped down' with a husband and children too early. There's plenty of time for that. Enjoy life! See the world! Get a college degree! Build a career! And, as I heard Voddie Baucham say in a recent talk, suck all the fun you can out of life and when you've done it all and there's nothing left, get married and die. Gotta love that Voddie!

Our view is that our daughters have been prepared by the Lord and by us from birth to be wives, mothers and keepers of their homes. It is their dream, their aspiration and their calling. In the Lord's good time, we pray He will be pleased to send them the husband He has chosen and He will bless them with a houseful of delightful children!

Then there is another group of concerned citizens that accuse us of sheltering our poor girls. Our twenty year old daughter has never been kissed. ~gasp~ She has never been on a date. ~shudder~ She has never had a boyfriend. ~oh, the inhumanity!~ This makes a few people a little twitchy. As much as we aspire to see our girls married and embracing their call as wife and mother, we also don't allow them to frolic about the dating scene. How can these two convictions possibly go together? After all, if we want for our daughters to marry, shouldn't we let them get out there and find themselves a man?

The correct answer is no.

Here is our position in a nutshell. We believe the Lord has chosen each husband and wife for each of our children before the foundation of the earth. Our children are preparing themselves for this man or woman and have been throughout their lives. We have prayed for these future spouses. They are preparing and keeping their hearts for these future spouses. Our daughters do not pursue a husband. We believe scripturally the Lord reveals to the man His choice for a wife and the man then, out of reverence for the Word of God and respect for familial authority, approaches the father of the young lady for permission to pursue her with the intent of marriage.

From this point on, courtship will look different for every family and probably different for every son and daughter in our family. We will let the Lord lead us when He brings us to that phase of life.

Making the commitment to not only keep physically pure but also emotionally pure is unusual, unfortunately. But, this past weekend in North Carolina, we were surrounded by many happy endings. David Brown, at the ripe old age of 18, married his bride... the one he had set his intentions on when he was 13. The one he built a beautiful house for when he was 16. The one he prepared for all his adolescent years. He married her and they are expecting their first baby. They are both 19. Another courting couple was happily married and expecting their first child. All the families that we met were like minded in this and the interaction between the children was respectful and refreshing. The little boys waited to be seated until the girls all had a seat. A brother traded places with a sister so that the sister would not be put in the awkward position of sitting next to an unknown boy (who happened to be my oldest son). The boys catered to the girls with a protective and respectful reverence. I can't even express what a balm to my heart it was to witness this at all the various ages represented.

There is a reason why we do the things we do. There is one purpose in all things and that is to glorify the Lord and to give great weight and significance to the things the Lord says are to be dear. The relationship between husband and wife is one of those things. My daughters are ready, in the Lord's timing, to be wives to their husbands... husbands we have prayerfully remembered and asked the Lord to raise up under the stewardship of like minded godly parents who are no doubt praying the same for my girls right now.

When the Lord brings them together, it will be a time of great rejoicing for both of our families and I pray that the testimony they will have on that day will be an encouragement to other families a little farther back on the path.

And, I can't wait to be a grandmother. Icing on the cake.

Delightful Gardening!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

One of the many, many, many, many things I love about summer is my garden. Why I haven't been a gardener all my life I simply do not know because it is a wonderful pleasure to me now. This is my third year gardening and here are a few snapshots into my fun!
My beans are growing six inches every day!
As long as this guy eats the bugs and not my plants he's welcome to stay. Creepy, yes. But, I can handle it for a little pest control. If he eats squash vine borers, I'll even kiss him right on top of his scaly reptilian head. ~shudder~
I love the sight of the shoots grabbing hold of my trellis... like tiny little cucumbery hands holding on.
Red berries, soon to be blackberries. Jam, anyone?
There is truly nothing I love more than the smell of tomato plants. I love the look of them, the feel of them, the smell of them, and their hairy little stems. I heart tomatoes!
Green beans!!
And more green beans!!
My squash plant is doing amazingly well! So far, the vine borer hasn't set up camp. Oh, I know it's coming. I've only had about fifty squash and zucchini plants devoured by my nemesis over the years. This flower, however, will soon be an heirloom squash assuming it hurries before the borer finds it!
This, my friends, is monumental, colossal and downright legendary! A zucchini in Lady Why's garden! Imagine! Never before in the history of my garden have I been able to grow a zucchini. Old wives' tales say that anyone can grow a zucchini. Think what that does to a novice, black thumbed gardener when she hears that and sees every attempt at growing zucchini turn out about as well as BP's attempt to plug a hole in the ocean with golf balls.

But, here at long last is an actual zucchini! Be impressed, my friends. Be very impressed.
My cucumber bed is FULL of these flowers!
And these tiny cucumbers! I better hone up on my pickle making skills. Oh, right. I don't have pickle making skills. I better acquire some pickle making skills... and fast!
More squash potential awaits.
Oh, isn't this the most beautiful sight you've ever seen in all your born days. Take a moment. I'll wait.
And this. The granddaddy of all my gardening endeavors. The. Cherokee. Purple. Tomato.
My Cherokee Purples are up to my chin now and filling out with these. I can almost taste them!
And I can taste these! They're still a bit sour but they're almost ready for picking by the bucketful!
And that is how my garden grows.

Lest we forget...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We spent an incredible weekend at Scott Brown's farm enjoying a celebration of God and country, a grateful thank you to all our armed forces and veterans, and a celebration of the Lord's sovereignty over our nation. Not something you see too much of nowadays. It was refreshing, inspiring, convicting and amazing all at the same time.

The farm. Oh. my. word.

May I just say the Brown's farm is all I've ever dreamed a farm could be and then some. It was stunning. Truly.
I appreciate every opportunity I have to fellowship with like-minded believers. There aren't too many of us and when you can gather together in one place, it is quite a blessing. We started the weekend at the Brown's church. It was so refreshing to gather in a church where children are welcome and not shuffled off into age segregated Sunday Schools. I love hearing baby noises in church and to know that is welcomed and encouraged does my heart good.

We fought long and hard to find that and now we have. Being at the Brown's church reminded me how far we've come on this journey and gave me a new appreciation of my own assembly. I love my church dearly. It is a rare and beautiful gem!

Several families played patriotic songs that honored the Lord, our nation and our flag. It was not politically correct.

Children of godly and noble men. From left to right are Virginia Phillips, Triumph Bradrick, and Providence Phillips.
I love this picture. Scott Brown was holding his grandson, Triumph. When it was his turn to speak, he just stood up and placed Triumph on the podium during his speech. Children are embraced and included. They understand that children are a heritage and they walk that out even in the small stuff.
The young boys were part of the opening flag raising ceremony. The flag was flown at half staff in honor of those who gave their lives so that our children might walk in freedom.
Two of my favorite boys thoroughly enjoyed riding in the military jeeps. They also had hay rides which were a big hit.
You didn't think Hannah would be left out, did you?
I think at one point there were some races going on. Poppy was in the losing jeep on this one. She took some great pictures considering the terrain she was bouncing over.
A portion of a grateful nation.
As you can imagine, my boys really liked these!
Many of the boys came in full uniform. It was wonderful to see!
My children loved climbing and exploring them all.
I haven't even begun to process everything I learned from the weekend. On the way up and back we listened to Voddie Baucham's talks from a recent homeschool conference. Between that, the Sunday morning message, and the talks at the picnic itself, I have been thoroughly convicted and inspired. I will write more about everything I learned once I can get my heart around it all.

In the meantime, I want to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to each and every one who has served or is serving in our armed forces, especially now with leadership that is less than supportive. I want you to know that because of your sacrifice I walk in freedom and that is not a small thing. It is a huge thing. A thing which none of us will ever be able to repay. On behalf of all the families who love the Lord and our country, thank you.

We will never forget. I hope your Memorial Day was as special as mine.

The Good Samaritan

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wrestling with God

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's not fair. Sometimes the Lord's will is excruciatingly painful. In those times I have difficultly saying, "Not my will but Yours, Lord." I'm in that place right now. My sweet and dear friend, Colleen, is in a battle for her life and my heart is breaking into a thousand pieces. Not her, Lord! Not Colleen! She doesn't deserve this. She's so good. She's so faithful. She's your servant. Visit this affliction on someone else. Someone evil. Someone bad. Someone You don't love.

Someone I don't love.

I never said my heart or my thoughts were pretty.

Colleen has breast cancer. She's been battling it for three years but this last year has been hard. Hard is really a soft word for the physical pain and anguish she's experiencing. It has spread to her bones and her liver. Her body doesn't react to medications very well so she always struggles to find a medication that can relieve her pain and nausea.

It's so hard to watch my friend suffering.

It's so hard for her four little girls to watch their mommy suffering.

It's so hard for her husband, our pastor, to watch her suffering.

It's so hard for our church assembly to watch her suffering.

It's so hard.

When I'm praying for Colleen every minute of every day, I start out godly and righteous sounding. I pray for the Lord to heal her. I pray for her comfort and the comfort of all of us who love her. I pray for the Lord to use this trial for His glory. And, I mean all that. In my head. But, then I quickly digress into, "Don't do this! Don't do this, Lord! Do. Not. Do. This. To. Colleen. You can't! You shouldn't! It's not right! No! No! NO!"

I'm wrestling with the Lord. Kicking against the goads. I ashamed to admit it but there it is.

Colleen is my dear, sweet friend. I want her to live. I want her to laugh again. I don't want to see sorrow on the faces of her children. Of her husband. Of her church family. Or on mine.

My faith is being tried in the Refiner's fire and that's never a pleasant experience. But, I know it is good because everything the Lord does is good. Even this. Even though it's bringing us to our knees and shattering our hearts into a thousand pieces. Even this is for our good and His glory. And at the end of my wrestling and kicking, I bow my knee to the sovereignty of God and I continue to faithfully pray for healing, for comfort, for deliverance from this trial... but, most of all that the Lord's will be done.

Please pray for my dear friend, Colleen. She is in the hospital today having surgery on her chemo port. Pray for her comfort and the comfort of those that love her.

There are lots of us.