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Delightful Gardening!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

One of the many, many, many, many things I love about summer is my garden. Why I haven't been a gardener all my life I simply do not know because it is a wonderful pleasure to me now. This is my third year gardening and here are a few snapshots into my fun!
My beans are growing six inches every day!
As long as this guy eats the bugs and not my plants he's welcome to stay. Creepy, yes. But, I can handle it for a little pest control. If he eats squash vine borers, I'll even kiss him right on top of his scaly reptilian head. ~shudder~
I love the sight of the shoots grabbing hold of my trellis... like tiny little cucumbery hands holding on.
Red berries, soon to be blackberries. Jam, anyone?
There is truly nothing I love more than the smell of tomato plants. I love the look of them, the feel of them, the smell of them, and their hairy little stems. I heart tomatoes!
Green beans!!
And more green beans!!
My squash plant is doing amazingly well! So far, the vine borer hasn't set up camp. Oh, I know it's coming. I've only had about fifty squash and zucchini plants devoured by my nemesis over the years. This flower, however, will soon be an heirloom squash assuming it hurries before the borer finds it!
This, my friends, is monumental, colossal and downright legendary! A zucchini in Lady Why's garden! Imagine! Never before in the history of my garden have I been able to grow a zucchini. Old wives' tales say that anyone can grow a zucchini. Think what that does to a novice, black thumbed gardener when she hears that and sees every attempt at growing zucchini turn out about as well as BP's attempt to plug a hole in the ocean with golf balls.

But, here at long last is an actual zucchini! Be impressed, my friends. Be very impressed.
My cucumber bed is FULL of these flowers!
And these tiny cucumbers! I better hone up on my pickle making skills. Oh, right. I don't have pickle making skills. I better acquire some pickle making skills... and fast!
More squash potential awaits.
Oh, isn't this the most beautiful sight you've ever seen in all your born days. Take a moment. I'll wait.
And this. The granddaddy of all my gardening endeavors. The. Cherokee. Purple. Tomato.
My Cherokee Purples are up to my chin now and filling out with these. I can almost taste them!
And I can taste these! They're still a bit sour but they're almost ready for picking by the bucketful!
And that is how my garden grows.


A Joyful Chaos said...

Your garden looks florishing! Hope it continues to produce well for you.

happygeek said...

Looking good Lady Why.
We really can't plant before June 1st (frost risk) so it does my heart good to see your tomatoes. As for your squash, Oh.My. It looks SOOOO good. We can only buy those at farmer's markets around here. I am trying to single-handedly educate my fellow citizens on the goodness that is yellow squash.

Lady Why said...

Happygeek, of course I shed a tear at the thought of frost all the way up to June 1st. That's the stuff of my nightmares. But I'll send you some heirloom squash (assuming the vine borers don't get them first) and a whole bunch of Cherokee Purples. After all, you're recovering from surgery and nothing heals quite like yellow squash and tomatoes, I always say. :-)

Robin in New Jersey said...

Your garden is gorgeous and I am jealous! I can't have a garden here because of the deer and woodchuck in our yard. They eat everything. I do have two tomatoe plants on the deck along with a basil plant. My daughter has three containers with peas which might be enough for one meal!

What a blessing to be able to grow Vegies and eat of the bounty of the Lord.

That little reptile gives me the willies!