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Lest we forget...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We spent an incredible weekend at Scott Brown's farm enjoying a celebration of God and country, a grateful thank you to all our armed forces and veterans, and a celebration of the Lord's sovereignty over our nation. Not something you see too much of nowadays. It was refreshing, inspiring, convicting and amazing all at the same time.

The farm. Oh. my. word.

May I just say the Brown's farm is all I've ever dreamed a farm could be and then some. It was stunning. Truly.
I appreciate every opportunity I have to fellowship with like-minded believers. There aren't too many of us and when you can gather together in one place, it is quite a blessing. We started the weekend at the Brown's church. It was so refreshing to gather in a church where children are welcome and not shuffled off into age segregated Sunday Schools. I love hearing baby noises in church and to know that is welcomed and encouraged does my heart good.

We fought long and hard to find that and now we have. Being at the Brown's church reminded me how far we've come on this journey and gave me a new appreciation of my own assembly. I love my church dearly. It is a rare and beautiful gem!

Several families played patriotic songs that honored the Lord, our nation and our flag. It was not politically correct.

Children of godly and noble men. From left to right are Virginia Phillips, Triumph Bradrick, and Providence Phillips.
I love this picture. Scott Brown was holding his grandson, Triumph. When it was his turn to speak, he just stood up and placed Triumph on the podium during his speech. Children are embraced and included. They understand that children are a heritage and they walk that out even in the small stuff.
The young boys were part of the opening flag raising ceremony. The flag was flown at half staff in honor of those who gave their lives so that our children might walk in freedom.
Two of my favorite boys thoroughly enjoyed riding in the military jeeps. They also had hay rides which were a big hit.
You didn't think Hannah would be left out, did you?
I think at one point there were some races going on. Poppy was in the losing jeep on this one. She took some great pictures considering the terrain she was bouncing over.
A portion of a grateful nation.
As you can imagine, my boys really liked these!
Many of the boys came in full uniform. It was wonderful to see!
My children loved climbing and exploring them all.
I haven't even begun to process everything I learned from the weekend. On the way up and back we listened to Voddie Baucham's talks from a recent homeschool conference. Between that, the Sunday morning message, and the talks at the picnic itself, I have been thoroughly convicted and inspired. I will write more about everything I learned once I can get my heart around it all.

In the meantime, I want to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to each and every one who has served or is serving in our armed forces, especially now with leadership that is less than supportive. I want you to know that because of your sacrifice I walk in freedom and that is not a small thing. It is a huge thing. A thing which none of us will ever be able to repay. On behalf of all the families who love the Lord and our country, thank you.

We will never forget. I hope your Memorial Day was as special as mine.


tam said...

I wondered where you had disappeared to. My heart has been heavy about your friend who is ill with cancer. How is she doing? I hear these stories all the time, but this one really has stayed with me. As far as your trip this past weekend, I can hardly wait to hear what new revelations you had.

Lady Why said...

Thank you for asking about Colleen. She is doing a little better these last few days. But, the chemo starts back up today. She has a week on and three weeks off. She's really struggled this month with chemo and I'm worried about her as they start it up again. This is month two of a six month regimen. I'll post updates as we go along. Thank you for keeping her and her family in your prayers! They are dearly loved!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I would love to attend something like that, being with like minded people....wonderful. I'm sorry to read about Colleen...my son, no 12 is one year post chemo. He had chemo like this monthly 6months. You'll notice a pattern to when she is feeling ok and when the tiredness takes over as her blood counts drop...just be there for her when its like this...food rotas and laundry rotas will be a big help and blessing to her and her family. whatever she does and you don't lose a sense of humour. Blessings to you all and prayers
shelley p
from over the pond

Lady Why said...

Thank you so much Shelley! It is so encouraging to hear from someone who is 'on the other side' of the chemo regimen! Colleen started her second round yesterday so we're going to walk with her through another tough month. But, the Lord is faithful and His grace is sufficient. We'll cling to that! Thank you!!